How do I mark an item as unavailable?

At Postmates we believe proactively managing inventory creates a better experience for your customers and staff, so we’ve made it easy to update your menu directly via the Order tablet app.

Now, you can indicate something is out of stock, whether it’s the deli turkey or the pepperoni pizza, and we’ll prevent customers from placing orders containing that item by swiftly remove that item from Postmates. To indicate something is out of stock, follow a few easy steps below.

Simply choose MENU in the navigation menu, select a category, and then the product. This will raise a screen that allows you to update the availability of that product.

  • Select 'Unavailable Today' if you want the item to automatically become available at midnight the next day
  • Select 'Unavailable Indefinitely' if you’d like an item to remain unavailable until you mark the item as available again

Each morning you’ll receive a stock-keeping report, separated into products which are now available, and products which you’ve marked as permanently unavailable in the tablet.