Adding and updating images on your Postmates storefront

Having quality storefront images will increase your sales on Postmates. When choosing which images to submit to Postmates, there are several requirements in order for these to be successfully uploaded and displayed.
  • Header Image: The image dimensions must be 1500x900 pixels
  • Icon Image: The image dimensions must be 160x160 pixels
  • Images must be submitted in a .PNG or .JPG

Header image should display the food or items offered at your merchant. Icon image should be your merchant logo. Both images must be of good quality, sized correctly and must be original content. Postmates will use generic icon and header images if none are submitted and reserves the right to refuse image submissions should they not meet our design standards. 

All images must be submitted through the Postmates Help Center Form here.

Please ensure your image(s) match the required dimensions before submitting a request.