Updating an Image on your Postmates Listing

Having quality images will increase your sales on Postmates. When choosing which images to submit to Postmates, there are several requirements in order for the image to be successfully uploaded and displayed:
  • Product Photos: The image dimensions need to be 1080x1080
  • Header/Main Feed Photo: The image dimensions need to be 1500x900
  • Icon Photo: The image dimensions need to be 160x160
  • Images must be submitted in a .PNG or .JPG

 Postmates will use generic images if there are none submitted and reserves the right to refuse image submissions should they not meet our design standards.

Step 1) Navigate to the Postmates Help Center

Step 2) Attach or Drag and Drop the image into the "Attachments" section. 

Step 3) Ensure your image has the correct dimensions and press "submit".