Adding Items and Updating Pricing

As a Drinks partner, you're able to add/delete any item included on our Master Inventory. You can see the full list on your HerokuApp provided by your Account Manager.

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to the Main Screen. Located here is a list of all available products to add.

You may also use the search feature to look up specific items.
Once you've found the product you want to add, click the "Add New Size/Price" button under it's name. Note: A message will appear that states that alcohol MUST be over $5. If the price is under $5, it won't be accepted/added.
See below what the screen looks like when you add a size option and a new size/price.
You can also add a second size/price option when adding new items by clicking the button again.
Once you've added new items, they will appear in the "Items Added" tab.
To remove an item from the inventory completely, type the words "REMOVE" or "DELETE" into the field next to the inventory item.
Once completed, click the "Submit Inventory Changes" tab, and you'll be asked if you're ready to submit these changes.
Once submitted, you'll receive a new pop-up message stating that the changes are being reviewed and that they will be processed in the next few days.
 We look forward to seeing the most accurate DRINKS partner menus now with this useful self-service tool!