How do I add items and update pricing?


As a DRINK partner, you're able to add items included on our Master Inventory List. The list can be downloaded below. The Master Inventory List was last updated June 29, 2017.

NOTE: The inventory lists are set by state, use the sheet for your region.

To add items or change pricing, please download the below file and enter pricing details in columns I and beyond. You'll only need to enter sizes and pricing if adding new items or making changes. You won't need to submit your entire inventory again. Please do not make any edits to columns A-H. Any changes to these columns will prevent us from processing the update.

Note that our system does not automatically apply additional fees like bottle redemption value. Customers will be charged the price that is submitted using the below form. The tax rate will automatically apply to that amount.

Once you've completed the inventory sheet, please submit it to our content team using this form.