Adding charges for customer instructions

You can now add an extra charge for customer instructions on an order, or let us know that you can't honor them. Follow a few simple steps, right in your tablet:


  • From an order, tap 'Issue With Order', which is present in the bottom-right corner of an order.




  • Then, tap directly on the customer instruction, shown in quotations " ... ".




  • Then, make your selection. Select 'Add Charge' if the customer instruction leads to an increase in price. Select 'Can't Honor' if the customer instruction is something you can't do.




  • Then, select 'Report Issue' to submit.




  • And you're done! Hold tight on preparing the order, we still need to check in with the customer.




  • Important: after tapping 'Understood', the order will move into the 'On Hold' state. Orders will always retain the same 3-digit order number, regardless of the state they are in. Once we have a resolution on the order,it will exit the 'On Hold' state and return to whatever state it was in before the issue was reported. If the issue was reported before confirming the order, the order will move from 'On Hold' into 'New'. If the issue was reported after confirming the order, it will move from 'On Hold' into 'Preparing'.




If you still have questions, reach out to our Merchant Support team, available to help 24/7!