Raising Order and Item Issues

Before setting a ready time, fully review the order before you begin preparing. If you notice you are unable to prepare an item due to being out of stock, permanently unavailable, or another reason you should tap on each item requiring changes. While the issues are being handled by our support team you will see the message 'We are working to resolve your issue. Please do not prepare this order yet'. Since the customer may change their mind if something is unavailable the order may be canceled. 

When a product is reported as Out of Stock or Permanently Unavailable, we'll automatically update your Catalog for you, and follow up with the customer to make a substitution.

Any time during an active order, you can tap Raise Issue and you'll be provided a selection of issue types. Once an issue has been raised, our Support team will work quickly to resolve the issue at hand. While they are resolving the issue you should stop working on the order.

Once the issue has been resolved by our support team, a new order will appear in the Order App.