I am new to direct deposit payments. Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the transition?

Please keep in mind the following to ensure a smooth transition to direct deposit.

  • Train your staff on the new procedure, as the couriers will not be paying at the POS or collecting a receipt. The couriers will be notified within their app as well that the orders have already been paid. 
  • Postmates cards will not be funded for these orders.
  • Postmates will pay based on the order confirmation, so in the event an order is cancelled or not picked up you will still be paid for those items. 
  • Orders will not be placed in-store by Postmates, all orders will be placed over the Postmates Order app or via phone.
  • As soon as an order is placed, you can see it in the dashboard.
  • You are responsible for notifying Postmates when your offerings or pricing changes.