Setting up your Postmates Order tablet

Once your tablet arrives, activate it to commence your Partnership. Please follow the instructions below to get ready to receive orders:

1. Setup the tablet and stand
Place your tablet and stand at your desired location and angle. Power ON the tablet and place it on the stand in the landscape orientation. Be sure to plug it in so the battery doesn't die.

2. Connect to your WiFi network
Tap “Settings” from the home screen to connect to your Wi-Fi network and enter your password to connect to the Internet.

3. Sign in to Postmates Order
Open the “Postmates Order” app from the home screen and sign in with your Postmates email address and password. This is the same sign-in you use for the Postmates Dashboard.

4. Connect your printer (optional)
To print orders automatically, connect a supported printer and go to “Printer Settings” in the Postmates Order app. Visit the Partner Help Center (below) for instructions and compatibility information.

Until you log into the tablet, you may be placed on phone ordering. Once you login to the Order app on the tablet, you will automatically be switched to receiving orders via tablet.

For more information on the Postmates Order app, click here. You can download a printable guide to share with your staff at