Setting up your Postmates Order tablet

Once your tablet arrives, activate it to commence your Partnership. Please follow the instructions below to get ready to receive orders:

1. Setting up the tablet
Remove the tablet, stand and charger from the box, and place your tablet on the stand at your desired location. We recommend keeping the tablet plugged in during hours of operation.

2. Connect to your WiFi network
Before opening the Postmates app, select “Settings” from the tablet home screen to connect to your in-house Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi internet connection is required to activate and operate the tablet. 

3. Sign in to Postmates Order App

  • PIN Activation Login
    • When you are at your merchant location, open the Postmates app and call the phone number presented on the screen. Be sure to use your merchant phone line, as it is required to receive the four-digit PIN.
    • Enter your four-digit PIN on the tablet to proceed.   
    • Once submitted, verify your merchant location or choose the correct location, if multiple options are presented. 
    • After verifying your merchant location, your tablet and partnership will be activated. 
  • Email Activation Login
    • If you wish to sign into the tablet with your email password, select "Activate with Email" on the screen. 
    • Use the email which you used upon signing your partnership agreement, and the corresponding password which you created.
    • If you need to reset your password, you can use the following link.
    • Once successfully logged in using your email and password, your tablet and partnership will be activated. 
  • Need help? Watch the video walkthrough!
If you are unable to log into the tablet using either of the two methods, please contact our Merchant Support Team at 888 815 7726, or using the following link.
4. Connect your printer (optional)
In order to print orders directly from the tablet, connect a supported printer. If your printer is compatible, go to "Business Settings" and select "Printer" on the Postmates Order App. Select "Connect a Star Printer" and choose your device on the screen. 
Until you log into the tablet, orders will either be placed over the phone or in-person and paid by credit card. Once you have logged in and activated your tablet, all orders will be automatically routed to the device and payments will become automated. Log into your Partner Dashboard to add your bank account for direct deposit. 
For more information on the Postmates Order app, click here. You can download a printable guide to share with your staff at