Supported printers list

Our Postmates Partners can now utilize more printers! Here is a complete list of printers that are compatible with our Tablet. 

StarMicronics Brand (Receipt Printers)

Recommended Printer

Postmates officially supports the Star TSP100IIILAN Ethernet printer (also known as the TSP143IIILAN) available from Amazon (US), Amazon(CDMX), Newegg, and other electronics retailers.  

Paper Sizes

We recommend using 80mm (3 ⅛”) paper for best results. However, 58mm (2 ¼”) width paper is also supported.

Compatible Printers

For the best experience, we heavily recommend the Star TSP100IIILAN printer. Printing may work with other Star models listed below, but we do not guarantee compatibility nor provide support for them. Where possible we advise a professional technician install and configure your printer for your network environment.

Note: USB printers are currently not compatible with the Order App.

Model                                  Interface                            Notes

TSP100IIILAN Ethernet Tested, officially supported
TSP100IIIW WiFi Tested for routers with WPS
TUP500 Ethernet Untested
TSP800II Ethernet Untested
TSP650 Ethernet Supported
TSP650II Ethernet Untested
FVP10 Ethernet Untested
TSP700II Ethernet Untested


Epson Brand (Receipt Printers)

Recommended Printers

Postmates officially supports the TM-88V Ethernet/Wifi printer and TM-T20 Ethernet/Wifi printers. These are thermal receipt printers that print on 3 ⅛” or 2 ¼” width papers.

Note: We only support Wifi/Ethernet receipt printers, we do not support Bluetooth or USB Epson printers.

Model                                       Interface                                Notes

TM-88VTM Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Tested
TM-88VI Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T20 Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Tested
TM-U330 Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T20II Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T60 Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T70, TM-T70II Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T81II Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T82, TM-T82II Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-T83II Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested
TM-U220 Wifi/Ethernet Supported, Untested


Office Printers (Non-Receipt Printers)

These are generic non-receipt office printers that are connected to the wifi network. Orders will be printed on letter-sized (8 ½” x 11”) paper.

Any office printer on your wifi network should be supported by the Order App. Brands include: HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, and others. 

Printing with office printers is made possible by Mopria Print Service, which is installed on the tablet. Please ensure that your tablet is connected to your Wifi network in order for Mopria Print to recognize and connect to your office printers that are connected to the network.

*Note: While we’ve worked hard to enable printing with office printers, we’re unable to test with every single printer model. Please understand that there will be some cases where the office printer you have may not be supported.