Printing Getting Started Guide

Get Your Printer

We recommend the Star Micronics TSP100IIILAN * for its reliability. Click here for information on printer compatibility.

Install Your Printer

If you have a LAN printer, plug it into your router. For other connection types, please refer to your printer’s manual. If you have trouble with the install, consult with a professional technician. Click here if you’re having installation issues.

Add Thermal Paper

The recommended paper size is 3 ⅛” (80mm) for the highest readability. We support 2 ¼” (58mm) width paper as well.

Configure Your Printner

Connect your printer by tapping “Printer Settings” in the main menu of the Order App. Orders will be automatically printed when you accept them. Click here for detailed instructions.


* Other Star Micronics LAN, WiFi, or Bluetooth thermal receipt printers may work but compatibility is not guaranteed.