Printing setup for thermal printers

To set up a receipt printer, go to “Printer & Receipts” menu item in the navigation.


You will be prompted to select either a receipt printer or an office printer. At this point, select receipt printer. (Here are a list of supported receipt printers)


After selecting Receipt Printer, the Order App will search for available receipt printers. You can connect to your printer at this point.


After connecting to your printer, you will be prompted to select your default printer paper size.


You will then return to printer settings, where you can edit the default number of copies or toggle on receipt prices.


Printing Receipts

When receiving orders, receipts will print automatically after tapping “Confirm Order”. To edit the number of copies printed per order, go back to “Printer & Receipts” in the navigation.


And here is what your receipt will look like.

9.0_-_Receipt_-_Thermal.png Example Receipt