Troubleshooting printer installation

If you’re using the recommended Star TSP100IIILAN printer:

Star Micronics Frequently Asked Questions are a great place to start troubleshooting hardware and network issues. If you can’t find a resolution there we suggest referring to Star’s Online Manual. If you are still experiencing issues installing your printer we advise consulting with a professional technician.

If you’re using another Star Micronics printer:

We do not provide support for other Star printers. If you are having issues installing or connecting a different Star printer, we suggest that you first check its compatibility with the Order App, then refer to Star’s support site for access to the user manual and troubleshooting guide for your specific printer model. We recommend having a professional technician install your printer.

If you’re using a non-Star printer:

The Order App exclusively supports Star Thermal Printers, this is to ensure the highest quality and reliability for your business. Please see “What printers are supported and where can I buy one?” for more information.