How-to guide for Menu Manager

The Menu Manager gives you control of how your menu displays to Postmates customers. We've found that accurate menus result in fewer incidents and have greater customer satisfaction scores, so we recommend always keeping your menu up to date. 

Getting Started

Menu Basics 

Always make sure to double check the menu edits you've made. Postmates is not liable for price discrepancies. 

  • Live Updates: The updates you make in your Menu Manager will immediately display customer apps. 

  • Merchant: This is you! It’s also your brand name.

  • Menu: The list of items that can be ordered for delivery by Postmates customers. The arrangement and category groupings determine how items are presented to customers. All of your places share the same core menu—items, categories, and arrangement—and specific place menus differ only by item availability and price.

  • Place: Your physical store shown to Postmates customers, where Postmates couriers arrive to pick them up.

  • Item: Can be a prepared food item or manufactured products, like a bottle of water. These are displayed in a menu, ordered by customers, prepared by your team, and delivered by couriers.

  • Item Price: Each item must have a price and prices can differ by place. Zero-value prices display as blank to Postmates customers for both web and mobile apps.

  • Item Availability: Each item can have an availability of "Available," "Unavailable - Until Tomorrow" or "Unavailable - Indefinitely." These are the same availability types that display in the Merchant App. Like price, item availability can differ by place.

  • Unavailable:
    • Until Tomorrow: Items marked “Unavailable - Until Tomorrow” will switch back to “Available” at midnight, local time. This is typically used to prevent subsequent orders for unavailable items that will later be restocked.

  • Item Modifiers: Allow you to customize details of an item. Examples of modifiers include sizes, toppings, protein choices, or anything else you can dream up. If an item has modifiers, those modifiers with a price will be added to the item price in an order.

  • Modifier Sets: Used to organize item modifiers and create selection rules for presenting choices to customers. Examples of modifier sets include: “Choose a size,” “Select toppings,” or anything that makes sense for your menu.

Edit a Category or Add a New One

If your menu was created for you, there will be a list of categories with items in each. You can update existing categories or add new ones.

If you’re building a new menu, start by adding your own categories. Once you’ve logged into the Merchant Portal, go to "Menu" > "Items Section." Here’s how to add and edit categories:

To edit an existing category:

  1. Navigate to "Items"
  2. Tap "Edit Category"
  3. Update the category fields
  4. Click "Save"

To add a new category:

  1. Tap "Add Category"
  2. Fill in the category fields
  3. Select a Parent Category (only if this is a nested subcategory)
  4. Select the "Create Another" checkbox to keep this dialog open after saving
  5. Click "Save"


Again, be sure to double check your work. Postmates is not liable for menu discrepancies. 

Add Menu Items

Menu items are added under categories. If you have a menu with multiple places, pay attention to the top banner which displays the number of places being affected. All of your places share the same master set of menu items and each specific place menu differs only by item availability and price.

Here’s how to add items:  

  1. Go to "Items" and find the category you would like to add to
  2. Tap "Add New Item"
  3. Fill in the item detail fields
  4. If your item has modifiers, tap "Add Sets" to add. You can rearrange sets to adjust the order in which they’re displayed
  5. Tap "Save"



Rearrange a Menu with Drag and Drop

If you want to update the display order of your menu, use the rearrange feature for categories, items, and modifier sets. Remember: The menu display order is shared among all of your places.

Here’s how to rearrange your menu:

  1. Go to "Items" > "Rearrange Menu"
  2. Use the arrows to move categories
  3. Use drag and drop to move items within a category
  4. Tap "Done"

To rearrange modifier sets: 

  1. Click the item
  2. Click "Rearrange Sets"
  3. Use the arrows to move modifier sets
  4. Tap "Done"
  5. Click "Save" 



Rearrange Modifiers in a Set

You can also set the specific order for how modifiers appear in a modifier set. If you want to update the display order, use the "Rearrange Modifiers" feature within each modifier set.

Remember: The modifier display order is shared among all the items using the modifier set, across all of your places.

Here’s how to rearrange modifier sets:

  1. Go to "Modifier Sets" and select the one you’d like to rearrange
  2. Find the modifiers section
  3. Tap "Rearrange Modifiers"
  4. Use drag and drop to move modifiers within the set
  5. Click "Done"
  6. Click "Save" 



Delete Categories

You can delete categories from your menu and chose to either delete all items contained in the category or keep those items in your menu by moving them to another category.

Here’s how to delete categories:

  1. Tap "Edit Category"
  2. Tap "Delete Category"
  3. If you want to delete the category and keep the items, click "Delete and Move Items"
  4. If you want to delete the category and delete all of its items, click "Delete Category and Items"



Use Modifier Sets to Give Customers Choice

Modifiers give customers choices and reduce repetition in menu content. Modifiers are organized into sets so you can create rules that guide customers in their choices. If you want to add modifiers, you need to add a new containing modifier set.

Go to "Menu" > "Modifier Sets" and tap "Add New Modifier Set" to create a new set of modifiers or select one to edit.

Here’s how to add modifiers:

  1. Tap "Add New Modifier Set"
  2. Fill in the modifier set details
  3. If you want to force customers to choose one, use Single Select (Single Select can be required or optional)
  4. If you want to allow for unlimited multiple choice, use Multi-Select
  5. If you have more complex rules, use Custom Rules
  6. Tap "Save"


Time-Based Menus

The Menu Manager allows you to set the availability of categories by time of day. Our Partners can have a morning-only breakfast category that will be hidden after 11am, or a dinner-only category that doesn’t appear until after 5pm.  

Note: Time availability updates could take up to an hour to refresh on the customer app. 

Here’s how to create time-based menus:

  1. Simply tap the name of any category in Menu Manager to edit its attributes.


Add Timed Availability

You decide the rules for timed availability.

  • Available Until: This allows customers to order items in this category from your open time up until the time you specify.

  • Available After: This allows your customers to order items in this category from a time you specify until you close.

  • Custom: This allows you to choose a custom start and end time for a category.