Getting started with Postmates

We are thrilled you’ve decided to partner with Postmates!

Here is what you need to know to get started:

  • Account Credentials: All users added to your dashboard will have access to login via the tablet and partner portal. These users will also be able to see order histories, payments, and will receive all account communications including financial reporting. The email provided during onboarding will be the email on the account. If you need to add additional users you can request via our help center, and you can also request that certain users be blocked from accessing your banking.
  • Passwords: Postmates cannot view or edit your password. If you need to reset your password, follow this link or tap on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen either in the app or
    • Set your account password via the welcome email you received when you signed your contract or by going to Note this login will be used for logging into your dashboard and tablet.
    • Review your Postmates storefront menu for pricing and item accuracy.

Approximately 3-4 business days after your onboarding begins, you will see a menu tab appear in your Partner Dashboard (login). Note if there are any issues with the menu source provided we will notify you. You are able to make adjustments yourself or request updates from our team. We will update your Postmates storefront with the menu source provided to your initial contact.

Please submit changes through our Partner Request Form.

  • Select "General Help" then fill out your contact information and short description of the pricing issues.
  • “Are you a Postmates Partnered Merchant?” -> Select ‘Yes’ -->“How can we help” -> Select ‘Help me with my onboarding’ -> ‘My menu is not correct’
  • Complete the form and attach any documents. Including specific edits will help reduce the turnaround time.
  • You will receive confirmation when complete.

Once the menu is approved, log into your tablet to activate the partnership!

*Do not log into tablet until your menu pricing is accurate. Make sure and double check the accuracy of your menu. Postmates is not liable for pricing or menu discrepancies.

Connect to Wifi: From the home screen navigate to Settings -> Wifi -> then select the appropriate network and type in the password

Login to Postmates: Turn on the tablet and select the Postmates app from the home screen. Sign in using the credential(s) above.

- Tablet Quick Start Guide

- PM Tablet User Guide

Add your bank account for direct deposit

1. From the Home screen, click the Business tab, then the Banking tab
2. Click or tap the location you want to edit, then select 'Add Bank Account’
3. Fill in the information for a personal (SSN) or business (EIN) account depending on your legal entity.
4. Link the bank to the corresponding location. Each location can have a different bank account.
5. Verification takes 5-10 business days. Once your account is verified you'll receive a $0.01 deposit listed as 'Stripe'. Pending deposits are released a few days after this deposit.