Customer pickup overview

Pickup is the latest addition to the Postmates product experience. Partners who have opted into this should follow these basic guidelines for pickup orders in order to provide a stellar experience for your customer. 


  • Educate your staff that customers will be picking up their own Postmates order and how to identify them through your tablet (see image below).
  • Customers will be provided with the following instructions for pickup via text message when the order is ready “Your Postmates order is ready to be picked up! Remember to skip the line.”
  • All app functions will work the same for these orders. More information available in the Guide
  • Prep the order within the time provided to the customer. Mark the order as ready if you finish early.
  • Add the customer’s name and order number, attach to each bag in the order, facing outward, so the customer can clearly identify their order upon pickup and go.
  • Clearly mark the customer pickup area for easy order retrieval
  • Share with your fanbase that you now offer pickup through Postmates!