Timed-Availability Menu Options

Menu Manager has been updated to allow Merchants to set the availability of categories by time of day. We’ve also streamlined how Partners edit categories and parent categories.

Now Merchants can have a morning-only breakfast category that will be hidden after 11am. Or a dinner-only category that doesn’t appear until after 5pm.  

Here are more details about this release

  • Time availability updates could take up to an hour to refresh in the buyer client apps
  • There’s a known issue - we’re addressing - where timed availability does not display in buyer client apps for time ranges that include two different days, like 11pm to 2am.  

Here’s how it works

Click a category name.

Click the name of any category in menu manager to edit its attributes.


Add Timed Availability

Merchants decide the rules for timed availability.

  • Available Until: This allows customers to order items in this category from your open time up until the time you specify.

  • Available After: This allows your customers to order items in this category from a time you specify until you close.

  • Custom: This allows you to choose a custom start and end time for a category.

  • Edit All, Edit Weekdays, Edit Weekend: This gives you a productivity tool for updating multiple days at once.