Dashboard setup and payments

With Postmates, linking your bank account is easy. Follow a few simple steps and start receiving funds in no time:

  • Navigate to https://partner.postmates.com/dashboard and login using your email and password (If you’ve forgotten your password, click the suggested link at the bottom of this article, to find out how to reset).


  • Once logged in, tap or click: ‘Business’ > ‘Banking’.
  • In the Bank Accounts section, select ‘add bank account’.
  • A new pop-up will appear to enter your bank account information. Select ‘business’ or ‘Individual’ as the account type and input account details. All Fields are required.




  • Once the information has been accepted, assign and link the bank account to any applicable locations.
  • Click on any location in the ‘Banking’ section of your dashboard and assign the correct bank account for deposit then click ‘Save Bank Account’.



  • The verification process takes about 5 business days. You will receive a $.01 deposit labeled “Stripe” once your account is verified.
  • That’s it!

If you still have questions around linking your bank account, please send us a request