Office printer setup and printing flows

To set up an office printer, go to “Printer & Receipts” menu item in the navigation.


You will be prompted to select either a receipt printer or an office printer. At this point, select office printer.


After selecting office printer, a set of instructions will inform you how to enable Mopria Print Service.


Once you tap “Go to Settings”, you will be taken to Device Settings where you can toggle Mopria Print Services on.


After enabling Mopria Print Service, hit the back button on your tablet to return to the Order App. At this point, you will be prompted to do a test print.


A print dialogue will appear. You can then tap the yellow printer icon, which will complete the test print.


If the test print does not work, you will be prompted to go back to Device Settings.

After your test print, you will be taken to the Printer & Receipt settings. Here, you have the option to show prices on your receipts.


Printing Receipts

When you receive an order, tapping on the “Confirm Order” will open up a print dialogue.



From this screen, you can adjust the number of copies. Once you’ve previewed the receipt, press the yellow printer icon on the right to print and you will be taken back to the app.


If you’re having issues connecting to a printer via Mopria Print Service, you can connect to your office printer directly if you have the IP Address (talk to your technical rep if you don’t know this).

Steps to connect with IP address

Upon opening the Mopria Print dialog, if a printer is not automatically connected, tap on the Mopria Print Service option from the dropdown.

Here, you can tap on the “+” icon to manually add a printer.


Select “Mopria Print Service” from this view.


Here you can tap the “+” button to add your Wifi Printer using your IP Address