Promotions with Postmates

Depending on your location and food category, Postmates offers promotions to help increase Merchant Partner order volume. These promotions or "promos" take on a variety of forms;

  • Free Delivery (No delivery fees for customers)
  • Reduced Cost Delivery (cheaper delivery fees for customers)
  • Free Items (Free Guac, Free Fries, Etc)
  • Reduced Cost Items ($5 Burgers, $1 Tacos, etc)

You'll receive emails from Postmates to see whether or not you're interested in participating in these promotions. Our promo emails always have a sticker in the right hand corner that say "Promotion"



At the bottom of the email, you'll see a button that will send you to the signup form. This button doesn't automatically sign you up, it sends you to a form with more information. 




By pressing the button (in the above case "Tell Me More" button), you'll be taken to a google form further explaining what the promotion is and the details. These promotions are ALWAYS optional, so you have the freedom to join whichever ones you like. Just be prepared for higher order volume!

Generally you'll receive opportunities to sign up for promotions the week before they run. Sometimes we allow signup up to a month ahead of time. Once you've signed up your location(s), you'll receive email reminders about upcoming and current promos, along with the results of these promotions. 

Our promotions yield an average 2-3x increase in order volume for our Partners. Along with increased volume, they also consistently bring in new customers (around 45% of your orders will be new customers to your business). They are a great platform to get new Postmates customers who may not know about your business, but are still in your area!