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Vianne, the ‘Mate with the Mantra

Vianne Curiel, 1 year, 4.8 average rating                    image1__1_.jpeg


Courier? No. Curiel! With more than 1100 deliveries under her belt and a 4.8 customer rating, Vianne Curiel is kicking butt and taking names as a Los Angeles Postmate.

Finding a job wasn’t easy, but signing up with Postmates was. As an LA transplant from Arizona, Vianne had been referred by her friend and fellow Postmate. Making deliveries on her own schedule allowed Vianne to pay her bills as a source of fast income, " saved my life." Not only could she find time to look for jobs, Vianne could interview and apply and do deliveries when it was convenient for her. At a time when being able to make ends meet was stressful, she could get in her car, play some Ellie Goulding, and make deliveries until the bills were paid.

Then the day came and she actually delivered to Ellie Goulding. Vianne says their interaction was pleasant and Ellie was very nice, even though Vianne didn’t realize who it was until after the order was completed. Talk about “Burn!”  Not all celebrities have been as humble. We tried to get her to name names, but consummate professional Vianne won’t identify which One Direction band member didn’t tip on his Starbucks order.

When I asked Vianne why she had such a stellar rating, she credits her mantra when delivering, which is to “, be happy, and be thankful.” If she gets the occasional bad apple, Vianne smiles and wishes them well. Her mantra helps her view obstacles as things to jump off of rather than hold her back.

“Traffic in LA is tough, and parking is even worse.” Vianne gave shout-outs to Partners with dedicated parking spots, her wishlist item for Postmates Partners is that everybody had one.

Another way Partners can help make her deliveries run smoothly is by having orders ready on time and in an obvious place to retrieve them. Vianna maintains her high ratings even with some pretty tough obstacles.

Now that Vianne is an Internet Sales Director for Hyundai, she still makes the occasional delivery for Postmates. “I do it for ‘extracurricular’ cash!” Even though it’s not her primary source of income anymore, she now utilizes the gig for extra money. A little party never hurt anybody, Vianne.


Merchant Spotlight

Oops...Le Thai did it again!

Le Thai, 3 years, 8965 Jobs Completed download-3.jpg

As a Las Vegas Thai food mainstay for the last 3 years, Le Thai has had true success with the Postmates platform. We spoke to their GM Shauna, who gave us some insights on how partnering with Postmates became an ingredient to increasing their sales.  

Le Thai is known for delicious Thai dishes like Waterfall Beef and 3 Color Curry, but the Las Vegas market is very competitive. They needed a springboard for their Spring Rolls. Shauna and her team sought a visibility boost for their new business. Le Thai decided to participate in a delivery promotion with Postmates, and the to-go orders grew from there.

Visibility increased for Le Thai and the promotion worked. “The order volume began to build once we joined Postmates, and it got to the point where our small kitchen couldn’t support all the deliveries along with our in-house clients.” Le Thai has evolved from a single location with a small kitchen to two locations, one of which just makes food for delivery orders.

Shauna is a big believer in the products Postmates provides. Le Thai is an avid user of both the Manager’s Report and Order Issues Reports. Shauna uses the information in these reports to plan ahead, analyze item trends, and make Le Thai’s orders as seamless as possible. Offering advice to new Partners, she says “Use the reports, and if you’re new, do the promotions. They really do work.”

After more than 9,000 orders on the platform, Le Thai is a thriving partner that just keeps getting better. We can’t wait til they gain enough business to open a third location. Postmates is proud to have played a small part in all their success.