Order issues emails

On Wednesdays, we send our Partners an Order Issues Report. This report includes information about any orders that had any missing/damaged/incorrect items. We provide this information to our Partners for both transparency AND empowerment.


The less order issues our Partners have, the more likely they are to get repeat orders from Postmates customers. 

Included in the Partner Dashboard, you can look up your past orders, and identify specific orders issues per order. 


In the drop-down menu next to your location, you can choose the Order Issues option to see all of your orders with Issues. 


Your order view will include orders with issues, which will have a red tab. 


Along with the specific order number, the individual issue(s) will be included in view, along with what Postmates did to resolve the situation. 

This information came by popular demand by our Partners. Often a lot of order issues are for the same items, so this info can empower our Partners to safeguard against making the same mistakes twice. Together we can strive to make our customer ordering experience as seamless as possible!