Participation in Food Fight

Postmates has always been in the food business, delivering all your favorites.  Now, we are delivering leftover food from select local restaurants to shelters to help feed those in need through a new initiative called FoodFight.


When you order from [Insert Participating Merchant Names] you can feel good knowing that these community-minded businesses are doing what they can to fight hunger and help do their part to end homelessness.


This initiative was born from a coalition of thinkers including employees at Vice and WorkingNotWorking looking to make a positive difference on what some call America’s dumbest problem.  You can learn more about our progress here [Link to Blog].


While we are excited about the thousands of pounds of food we have already moved to local shelters, we’re just getting started.  We plan to roll out FoodFight nationwide by the end of 2019 to all 10,000+ Postmates merchant partners.


Will you join the FoodFight?