Participation in FoodFight!

Postmates has always been in the food business, delivering all your favorites. Now, we are delivering leftover food from select local restaurants to shelters to help feed those in need through an initiative called FoodFight!


In March 2018, Postmates joined WorkingNotWorking and VICE as the technology partner to test a pilot FoodFight! program in Los Angeles focused on the Venice area.

With a one-touch button solution, Postmates built a unique technology capability that allowed restaurant partners to utilize the Postmates API platform and redirect surplus food to help feed thousands of hungry people in homeless shelters. API is already included in every restaurant Partner’s tablet in their restaurant.

Matching key learnings from the pilot to functionality of the proprietary product, Postmates is now rolling out a larger FoodFight! program that will serve LA, Nashville, Detroit, and OKC.

After operating hours, participating merchants can routinely use this new feature to deliver their excess food and within minutes a Postmate will arrive for pick up.

Not only does FoodFight! plan to make an impact in these cities, but we aim to launch in every Postmates city.  If you’re interested in receiving food as a shelter, please email for more details.

Postmates is aligned with the international efforts set by the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030.