Postmates Delivery as a Service

The Postmates Delivery as a Service allows sellers—of all shapes and sizes—to offer on-demand delivery as a fulfillment option to their customers. It’s perfect for for anyone who sells retail products, home goods, groceries, catering, food, alcohol, and more.

Today, large sellers such as Apple, Walmart, Instacart, and 7-11 are offering delivery experiences to their customers, integrating the api directly into their products.

We believe that local sellers should have these same tools, but know how uncommon it is to have the capital to invest in new technologies—much less growing a fleet. And when they do it comes at the unreasonable cost of their time. Time better spent serving their customers, selling their products, and growing their business.

This is why we’ve built a simple web app powered by the delivery api. It’s currently available to over 54,000 local businesses who sell on the Postmates and required them to spend 0 minutes integrating it. With a click of a button, businesses like Patxi's Pizza can have a Postmate deliver orders to any local customer—regardless if the order was placed into store, over the phone, or from their website.

Below you will find more details about features, use cases, pricing, and more.



  • Create deliveries directly in your Dashboard within minutes, no developer needed
  • Full developer API for direct client integration and custom app development
  • Get real-time price quotes when creating new deliveries
  • Ability to have an order delivered ASAP or schedule it to be delivered in the future
  • Ability to require signature and/or ID verification at time of drop off
  • Ability to have multiple deliveries picked up at once and delivered to multiple customers
  • Ability to set max delivery distances to orders do not travel too far
  • Multi-location support for sellers with more than one storefront
  • Sharable tracking links for sellers and their customers to monitor delivery status in real time. No login required
  • Accounts are set to return the delivery if the customer is not available. This can be changed to leave items at door or discard/keep items per partners request.


Customer Narratives


While walking to dinner with friends Vivek sees a piece of art on sale he’s been eying. He isn’t going home before dinner and won’t be home until late in the evening. Not wanting to miss out on the deal, he ducks into the store and quickly buys the art piece. The seller quickly adds Vivek’s home address and schedules the delivery to be dropped off the following morning at 10am. As the Postmate begins the drop off that next day, Vivek receives a link to track when his order will arrive.

Over the Phone

Customer can call their favorite pizza shop to order dinner and bottle of wine. The merchant offers to have it delivered and he happily accepts. The merchant places the order, confirms the delivery ETA, and emails him the receipt and a link to track their delivery. The Postmate verifies the Customer's age by scanning a valid form of ID in their Postmate Fleet app and completes the delivery.


Claire is doing some afternoon online shopping and finds the perfect pair of boots on the website of her local clothing boutique. She sees an option to have her new boots delivered ASAP so she adds her delivery details and completes checkout. The receipt emailed to her includes a delivery tracking link so she watches the Postmate arrive and get her boots fast enough to wear them out that night.


Below is how we current price both the API and web app


  • $0 for access to the Delivery API as a Service
  • $0 for access to the web app
  • Pricing is based on a per market minimum + per km rate (distance from pickup to drop off)
  • Charged only when the delivery is completed
  • Custom flat rate pricing is available on request
  • Payment goes through a card on file

Create a Delivery

Deliver to anyone - not just Postmates users.

As a Postmates Partner, you now have access to our Fleet for any of your delivery needs. Create a delivery within seconds and we’ll take it from there.

New Delivery Possibilities

In-store, over the phone, business catering, or even sending supplies between locations. Doesn’t matter where the order came from - we will deliver it. Shipping Policy

Real-time tracking

Track in real-time and even share it with your customers.

Scheduled deliveries

ASAP or next week, we deliver when you want.


Minimum requirements to create a delivery

Can auto-fill to remove steps

Pickup Details

  • Business Address
  • Pickup Time
  • Phone Number

Dropoff Details

  • Customer First and Last Name
  • Street Address
  • Phone number (in case the Postmate needs to contact the customer - this number is masked)

Orders Details

  • Item Name
  • Item Quantity
  • Item Size

Payment Details

  • Payment card to pay for the delivery