Automated promotion emails

Once you sign yourself up for a promotion, you'll receive automated reminder e-mails to give you full visibility into the process. The first email (below) will let you know that you've been added to the promotion. It will give you all the promotion details and what to expect.


The second e-mail you'll receive is a reminder that your promotion is about to start. It once again includes the details of the promotion. 




The third email is a reminder that your promotion starts that day. It also reminds you of the details of the promotion. 



And finally, once the promotion has ended we will send you the results of the promotion. This includes the amount of orders received, revenue generated, and the total expense. 



Knowledge is power. In sending these emails we hope to give our Partners the most transparency possible for our Promotions. We look forward to what our Partners will do with this information and how it can help them grow their business!