Missing item notifications in the order app

In conjunction with our weekly Order Issues Email, we will now be sending our Partners notifications on the tablet, in real time.

When a customer reports a missing item, you will get a notification that says “Order Issue Reported” in the top right corner of the tablet. If there are multiple issues reported at once, the notification will reflect that that number.


Tapping the notification will open up the notifications panel. Under “Activity”, you will see a preview of the order(s) that contained missing items.


Tapping on the preview will open up the completed order that contained the missing item(s). There will be a “Missing” tag associated with the exact item that was missing.


It is our goal to provide as much information and feedback to our Partners as possible. Our goal is for Partners to use this information to plan ahead and identify trends in orders. The better prepared our Partners are, the higher their customer satisfaction rates will be.