Item Level Discount Promotions

We now offer tools for partners to run their own promotions via the Merchant App. Partners can take advantage of these self-serve promotions to control the deals that they want to offer in order to attract new customers and/or boost revenue. Merchants can now create limited time offers for item level discounts for any menu item. Create a promotion in seconds simply by navigating to the “Promotions” section in the app.

Creating a Promotion

To create and view promotions, tap the “Promotions” menu item in the navigation.


You will be able to tap on “Create Promo”.


To create your promo first start by selecting which item(s) you want to provide discounts for. You can select one item at a time or select an entire category within your menu to discount.


Next, select which type of discount you’d like to apply to the promotional items.


  • New Price means that each item(s) will be set at a flat price
  • Discount by Amount means that each item(s) will be discounted by a set dollar amount
  • Discount by Percent means that each item(s) will be discounted by a set percentage


Tapping into each of these will bring up a pop-up in which you can select the correct price.


After choosing how you will discount your items tap on “Next: Promotion Period” to continue.


Next, give your promotion a name (example; "My First Promotion"), and select what days you want to run it. Choosing specific start and end times are also optional.


After inputting the details of your promotion, you can review everything before launching it. You can delete the promotion if necessary as well. If you are satisfied, tap “Launch Promotion”. It will become live depending on when you scheduled it.


If you have another promotion running at the same time with one or more overlapping items, you will be prompted to confirm that this is your desired outcome.


Viewing and tracking your promotions


To view your upcoming promotion, simply go back to the “Promotions” section in the app.


You can review an upcoming promotion before it goes live and delete the promotion if necessary.


You can view your active promotions by going to the “Promotions” section. In this view, you’ll be able to get live updates of the number of orders and total revenue generated from the promotion.


Tapping on “Full Report” will allow you to view more details on how your promotion is performing as well as review the promotional items.


Lastly, you can always review all your completed promotions at the bottom of the Promotions View.



Email Reporting


You will also receive emails for when a promotion gets created, when a promotion is starting and when it ends.



Customer Experience


Your customers will be able to view the discounted pricing when they visit your store on Postmates.


Best of luck promoting!