Default Prep Time in the Merchant App

Partners can now set a default prep time that will apply to all new incoming orders. From your Merchant App you can update the most accurate prep time for our Postmates to come pick up your orders. This means that all new orders that come in will automatically be set at your set prep time. Partners can still manually adjust the prep time for individual orders if they so choose as well.

Partners can set their default prep time in Closed Mode, and can also update it at any time in the “Store Management” settings in the navigation or in the Partner Dashboard.


Setting a Default Prep Time in Closed Mode

You will now be able to see a default Prep Time feature within Closed Mode.


Using the drop down list, you can select a time between 5 and 60 minutes to be your default prep time.


After selecting the time, the change will be reflected in the Closed Mode card. You can dismiss the card or continue to make edits. The card will be removed the next time your store opens.


Editing the Default Prep Time

You can update your default prep time at any time in more than one place.

In the tablet, you can open your menu navigation and go to “Store Management” to update the default prep time.


In the Store Management section, the default prep time will be at the top of the page.


Just like from the Closed Mode card, tapping into the default prep time selector will allow you to choose a different time in the drop-down menu.


You can make updates to the default prep time in the Partner Dashboard by going to the “Business” tab and tapping into the specific location where you want to make updates.



Email Confirmation

Each time a user sets or updates the default prep time, every user associated with your Partner account will receive an email confirmation (image below). 


New Order Experience

After setting the default prep time, all new orders will automatically show the default prep time. You can still adjust the prep time for individual orders before accepting them.


Updating prep times will help ensure less wait times for both customers and couriers, while also giving you the right amount of time to properly prepare your orders. Everyone wins!