Self-service for promotions in the Dashboard

We are excited to have added a tab in the Partner Dashboard called "Promotions." (see top left in the image below)



Now when you tap on the "Promotions" tab, you'll be taken to a menu of your current, past, and upcoming promotions. There is also a section dedicated to "Opportunities" which will have a list of all the options to grow your business. 

To join a promotion simply access the "Promotion Opportunities' tab, pick the promotion you'd like to participate in, then tap "Join Promotion." *please note: When you sign up, it may take 24 hours to be added to the featured group in the app*

From there, you can keep track of those promos you're participating in by clicking on "Upcoming and Active" and "Completed." 

This new function also allows you to remove yourself from promotions that you're enrolled in at any time. From the section "Upcoming and Active" you can remove yourself from any promotion listed. 

Also, you can access all of your promotion results in the "Completed" section of the Promotions tab. There you can find performance metrics like Total Orders and Revenue. 

We are excited to make the promotions process even easier for our Partners, and can't wait to see the success brought on by this new feature!